Affordable Dental Implants from £995 per tooth!

Dental surgery Brighton Implant Clinic is proud to offer dental implants at the most affordable prices in the UK. We understand the importance of replacing missing teeth and maintaining a healthy smile but we know it can also be costly. Our dental implant focused clinic’s aim to make dental implant treatment affordable and accessible for everyone. We have three clinic’s located in Sussex; Hove, Brighton and Hailsham, each one lead by highly skilled dental surgeons. We are fully equipped with the latest dental technology and the experience to meet all your dental needs.

All in one

3D CT scanners are used for accuracy and precision during the implant placement process. With an on-site dental lab we complete every treatment from start to finish without the involvement of third parties. Everything is done under one roof, streamlining the process and saving patient’s time. Many of our procedures can be completed in just one day!

Your procedure – tailored to you

At Brighton Implant Clinic every initial implant consultation is free and with no obligation. The complete procedure will be discussed with you in detail before a decision is made to proceed with treatment. If additional procedures are required for the success of your implant placement, such as bone grafting or sinus lifts, these will also be explained – there are no hidden costs! A full detailed treatment plan will be devised to suit your personal needs and all costs will be included in the plan.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

Most people are candidates for dental implants. To succeed, dental implants need good bone density and a healthy mouth and gums. If there is not enough bone present to anchor the implants then a bone graft or sinus lift may be required to increase bone mass. Dental implants are long lasting with a very high success rate of over 95%.